The children were placed in foster care and are doing much better, but both still show the signs of the abuse they endured, according to the paper.The younger girl, now 5, has not been able to enter kindergarten and shows signs of developmental disabilities.

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In 2015, social workers finally removed a 3-year-old girl and her 8-year-old sister from the home after repeated pressure from the county sheriff’s office, which became concerned about the home after responding to a neighbor’s call, the newspaper reported.

A caseworker for the Rockbridge Area Department of Social Services, Peggy Sigler, said about the youngest victim, “She was a feral child; that’s the only way I could describe her.” The Times’ report said the girls were “subjected to filthy, bug-infested conditions and the whims of incest in a family that spanned three generations of sexual abuse.” “They were taught to perform sexual acts more so than they were taught to brush their teeth,” Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Jared Moon said.

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From Eater: As for being a homophobe, they called it an “outlandish” and “ridiculous” claim.

“The fact that the only confirmation of this comes from a producer who currently draws a paycheck from Page is telling,” they said.

The whispers started in the spring of 2016, and got louder as summer began.

“You should look into Jared—he is in over his head on the campaign.” The pitch was the same, according to multiple reporters: Look into Jared—he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she sticks with him!