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"And, from a female fan of the Wolf: "If you're ever in Santa Monica, I owe you a nice sloppy blow job!

"I don't know about you, but that kind of stuff gets my attention.

CNN sent Bill Hennessy, the network's regular Supreme Court sketch artist, to the White House briefing today.

Back in my day, it wasn't exactly affordable to give each kid in the family the equivalent of an i Phone (which back then, would probably have been a pager).

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When used this way, the term may be meant to carry an implication that the party making the communication is exaggerating truths or hiding important facts.

Often, it is unclear whether the actual presentation fits this definition because the term is used in an attempt to discredit the presentation.

We had to make do with low-tech electronic toys that mimicked the real thing.

But what am I talking about — we with our "high-tech" Yak Baks and beeping Tamagotchis. Pretty sure I nestled that thing into a homemade crib every night before bed, the sounds of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" still wafting from the headphones.

He shares the reason he got his first commercial (and it wasn’t his talent! Welcome to TFP – The Theatrefolk Podcast – the place to be for Drama teachers, Drama students, and theatre educators everywhere. Today, we start a Working Actor series on the podcast. Marty Moreau is a long-time dear friend of mine and Craig’s here at Theatrefolk and I had a lovely chat with him about the ins and outs of commercials. We did have one or two classes that were devoted to it, but they really couldn’t get into the depth that I realized soon after that I needed.