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why are there JYJ fans who are still jealous of the 3 dating? I finally got a chance to check what's going on comments wise.

hopefully junsu's girl doesn't leak anything too private like that one other girl he had a fling with.

It seems like the fans were first taken aback (understandably so) but they were angry more at the fact that pics were released from a malicious source (like how the hell did they manage to get that topless pic).

Kfans are very protective of junsu, they work very hard to keep his private life private, it's happened with his previous "scandals" too.

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They seemed like a lovable and cheerful couple." Another insider alleged that though the JYJ and EXID member are private about their dates, they can't disguise their easygoing and bright attitudes when showing affection. One acquaintance commented, "They started dating around June, and the feelings they have for each other are very lovely." Sounds like Junsu and Hani are doing well!

@CLesbo You making me laugh so hard ; First of all, I don't care if you are older than me, if I don't know you or see you in person, then fk outta here with that "respect" shit. What respect you giving me for calling male idols "too gay", hm?

The song itself is extremely trite; immature; suggestive, and, I’m sorry sweetheart, not the best musically.

Including references to the crew room, to LA, and to an Austin Martin infer that the person is a part of the show, and has means.

School's crazy at the mo, so I think this'll be the extent of my blogging for this week.