Do you love your furry, four-legged more than anything?Turns out HEAPS of people feel this way, so they’ve now created a dating service to cater.focused on creative strategies to make faculty meetings more engaging and valuable to teachers.

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All you need to do is download this adorable card and write inside one or two of the many reasons you think your sweetheart is amazing.

His heart will melt when he sees this quick and easy gift you’ve prepared just for him!

Then that donut shop is “The Presidential Donut Shop”.

If I give $5 to a donut shop that means a lot less than if Barack Obama gives $5 to a donut shop.

The only criteria – they have to help a million people. Feel free to have idea sex between your ideas and mine so we can come up with even better ideas.

Or, if they don’t work, can be turned into a science fiction novel that one million people would enjoy. This article might change your life or make you rich. Meanwhile, many futurists are at work on “what’s new for 2013? The idea muscle atrophies, just like any other muscle. Rising unemployment, soldiers being replaced in their jobs by drones that kill babies, a new housing crisis that will end all housing crisises, who is the real father of Kim Kardashian’s child, and on and on. While the futurists do their thing let’s actually get down to exercising our idea muscles. Witness the most happening borough of New York City with your special one as part of this private couple helicopter tour over Manhattan.Soak in iconic Manhattan landmarks such as Central Park, Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, East River Bridges and the jaw-dropping Manhattan skyline. Sorry.) C) Use Global Warming to Solve Global Warming.