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Here’s what you do: , and it goes something like this: “So sorry. But I’m just not feeling good today, and I’d like to go home after work and just relax. Immediately you think to yourself “I have been blown off.” You start thinking “screw her.” Well, you probably won’t screw her if you think that way, but you’re like “Screw her. Let her chase me.” And that’s your big mistake that will probably keep you from ever going out with Miss Kardashian-Johansson. She was just probably trying to feel better all day long. I have found the majority of times women will get together with me again.

This face of Kardashian, butt of Johansson goddess has just blown you off. You weren’t in the mood, or you were just not feeling, right? She didn’t tell you you’re a loser and you won’t ever get another date with her. The next text you send her is: “Alright, let’s figure out when we’re going to do this rain check. You pursue her, and you do it with no ego involved.

She promised to pay him back, but always made excuses, including that she had cancer.

Online dating dynamics are awful - if you are a guy, you can spend hours writing messages and getting minimal replies ...

While this sounds so cliché, it definitely applies in this situation. It’s always best to just be up front and honest with them in a nice way. s/he is really a great person, has a lot going for him/her, etc.), and then just say that you don’t feel there was a connection or chemistry.

While his/her ego may be bruised initially, trust me in the long run s/he will appreciate and respect you for it, because you didn’t leave him/her hanging.” — Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette.

“There is no “good” way, because you can’t control how another person will feel.