Tamara Holder has been the legal consultant to the America Celebrity Jesse Jackson.

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But at the same token, it’s been about four months since the proposal and Joy still hasn’t seen an engagement ring.

When Joy recently asked her partner when he thinks one will be on her hand, he replied with “I’m working on it.” He’s not necessarily in the best place financially as a grad student (he went back to school), so Joy even offered to help him out and put some money together with him to buy a ring.

If your partner proposed to you right now, would you say yes?

Okay, now, what if he proposed to you right now, and he did so without a ring? For one reader, we’ll call her Joy, she was initially okay with the fact that her man didn’t have some gargantuan rock (or even a tiny Cracker Jack box band) to place on her hand when he popped the question.

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An American television commentator, host, writer and attorney from Chicago, Illinois, Tamara Nora Holder is a very talented and versatile public figure who is currently working in the Fox News Channel as a contributor and guest host.

The last performance I went to was on a date, and a woman talked about her menstrual cycle for four minutes. I thought we had evicted him in the last racial draft after he lied about being held up at a Popeyes.

I made a resolution right then to never engage anyone trying to fulfill their dream of a “I am the black song Spike Lee won’t sing / I am the black voice inauguration bells ring/I am the black sheep disguising the scared wolf/no I am the black elephant in the room red scared shook/White house invite see you call me their coon/I am the butterfly growing from history’s cocoon/ I can carry the mantle with God as my goon” What the hell are these metaphors? Lying on a chicken sanctuary is a top five offense for which Carson has been condemned to a lifetime of dry-ass Popeyes biscuits without water.

After almost three years together, she was just happy that he wanted to take such a big step with her.