Medjool dates are softer and stickier than dried dates and therefore perfect for these tasty morsels.I’ve added some honey and ground almonds which adds a nutty flavour and helps to bind the mixture together.So, what follows is an easy-to-follow breakdown of the beautifully piquant dish, which is best enjoyed with a group of ravenous friends and family!

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Since then, the traditional recipe’s made its way from the barracks of Persia to the royal palaces of India and all the way down to Cape Town, South Africa, where it’s become the stuff of legend in Cape Malay households.

“Everyone makes theirs a bit differently,” laughs Gamidah Jacobs, a local resident who leads Cape Malay cooking classes out of her charming Bo-Kaap neighbourhood kitchen.

They were the group that first introduced Islam to South Africa.

The Cape Malay identity can be considered the product of a set of histories and communities as much as it is a definition of an ethnic group.

Malays also have significant South Asian (Indian) slave ancestry.

Starting in 1654, these resistors were imprisoned or exiled in South Africa by the Dutch East India Company, which founded and used what is now Cape Town as a resupply station for ships travelling between Europe and Asia.

Since many Cape Malay people have found their Muslim identity to be more salient than their "Malay" ancestry, people in one situation have been described as "Cape Malay", or "Malays" and in another as Cape Muslim by people both inside and outside of the community.

and Southeast Asia, Madagascar, and native African groups.

Wandering the streets one will come across museums, Muslim shrines, mosques and friendly locals.

Many of the locals living in the Bo-Kaap are descendants of the slaves that were first brought to South Africa by the Dutch East Indian Company in the 1700’s.

A sweetmeat is a delicacy made with preserved fruits, such as these date balls. Whether there’s any scientific proof of this, I have no idea.