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I watched cosplay skits online and thought it looked like so much fun!

I really wanted to try it out (and I'd been wanting to go to a convention for a while), so I had my mom help me make a Catwoman suit!

Geri Müller, a member of the Green party who is also a federal MP for the canton of Aargau, was suspended by the council two weeks ago to give the politician time to clarify the situation.

On Tuesday, Müller announced he had decided to stay on as mayor against the recommendations of his fellow councillors.Since 2010 I have been published in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seul, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, San Fransisco and New York.I have worked as a professional photographer for over ten years.” I have a thing for cats, and when I met a person who owned a sphynx cat, I really wanted to shoot something with the cat as a model.Which was horrendously difficult, seeing as there aren't many female N7 armor templates.So I made my own from looking at the in-game armor from ME3It took me 2-3 months to get it ready for the competition in which I qualified for the Nordic Cosplay Championship with it... Working on and off between school and life, of course. I cut EVA-foam mats with disposable blades, shaped it with a heatgun, glued stuff together with a gluegun (though contact glue is better for foam, to be honest, but hotglue is basically universal), sew a bodysuit with a good sewing machine and good scissors and needles Oooh, good question! well, a sewing machine, gluegun, heatgun, some good knives and such (disposable blades can be all right for cutting foam if you keep them sharp/switch them a lot!I have recently been victim of censor, both by IG and FB.