With this journey you can explore the true gems of India.

The preciousness of Indian gems resides in its shimmering greens, its iridescent heritage and its architectural marvels.

More than six decades after his allege death in a plane crash, the mystery over that incident and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's possible survival still haunts the Indian nation.

Each of the Nine is supposedly responsible for guarding and improving a single book which includes materials or subjects like propaganda, psychological warfare, physiology, microbiology, communication, gravitation, cosmogony.

Nobody knows where the book is and these nine men are or if these claims are just a mindful hoax.

Guests get to enjoy a traditional welcome and greet the luxury in a grand style at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station. Guests spend their night on the Maharajas' Express that leaves for the first destination in its Indian Luxury odyssey, Jaipur.

Wake up to a delicious on-board Breakfast as you arrive at the Pink City, Jaipur.

Season- The season for this unique Gems of India journey starts in October and ends in April.

You can always choose to either end or start a year with us amidst luxury and opulence.Guests journey their way through iridescent lands of Jaipur to reach the vivid greens of Ranthambore.We then take our royal guests to the ancient capital city of Mughals, Fatehpur Sikri and then to Agra where they can witness the immortal sheen of the Taj Mahal.Duration – The tour stretches up to four days and each day brings a new city to explore.Fare- The fare for gems of India route starts from 50 and for interesting offers, you can click here.With the increasing use of ceramic marks in the 19th century, a large proportion of English pottery and porcelain can be accurately identified and often dated.