does not usually allow you to use the SMTP server of your choice, and it does not support SMTP authentication — required by many mail servers today — at all.Fortunately, overcoming PHP's built-in shortcomings is not difficult.

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Assuming that Open SSL is written as carefully as Wietse's own code, every 1000 lines introduce one additional bug into Postfix.

Topics covered in this document: The diagram below shows the main elements of the Postfix TLS architecture and their relationships.

NOTE: By turning on TLS support in Postfix, you not only get the ability to encrypt mail and to authenticate remote SMTP clients or servers.

You also turn on hundreds of thousands of lines of Open SSL library code.

SMTP Authentication, often abbreviated SMTP AUTH, is an extension of the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) whereby an SMTP client may log in using an authentication mechanism chosen among those supported by the SMTP servers.

These are two functions to send email, both with optional parameters for attachment files.

The default TCP port used by SMTP is 25 and the SMTP connections secured by SSL, known as SMTPS, uses the default to port 465. We can instantiate Smtp Client class and assign the Host and Port .

SMTP provides a set of protocol that simplify the communication of email messages between email servers. The default port using SMTP is 25 , but it may vary different Mail Servers .

Count - 1 For i = 0 To i Cnt If File Exists(Attachment Files(i)) Then _ . Add(Attachment Files(i)) Next End If End With If SMTPServer "" Then _ Smtp Mail. Send(my Message) Catch myexp As Exception Throw myexp End Try End Sub Private Function File Exists(By Val File Full Path As String) _ As Boolean If Trim(File Full Path) = "" Then Return False Dim f As New IO.