At different times, Sanchez has been linked to supermodel Kate Upton, actress Eva Longoria, supermodel Hilary Rhoda, and a girl named Lindsay Mc Cormick.

Sanchez’s fling with Eva Longoria was his last relationship that was made public, and that one ended for a pretty funny reason. You can click on the photo for the story of him with each girl.

who is mark sanchez dating 2016-17

In fact, we haven’t heard much about Sanchez with the ladies since his rear end was exposed in a random video that hit the net last year.

But when looking at Mark Sanchez, he has a list of girlfriends that is almost on par with Derek Jeter.

He looked confident in the pocket, displaying poise and quickly delivering his throws with surgical precision to his receivers.

Those feelings quickly changed when second-year quarterback out of Northwestern made an ill-advised throw to Demaryius Thomas that was intercepted by San Francisco 49er safety Eric Reid and returned for a score.

Sanchez completed both of his pass attempts for 23 yards Saturday against the Cardinals.

Sanchez was on the field briefly as the second-string quarterback and although he started moving the Bears offense, a bad snap on a third-down play resulted in the drive being aborted.

Mark Sanchez is single — and just looking to play football.

In his first press conference as a Denver Broncos player on Monday, he clarified an important point about his personal life. Jones: “He’s the kind of guy, one friend says, who gets invited to a White House state dinner and thinks it’s a steak dinner.

Sanchez played for a short time during the second quarter, and had a pair of passes dropped, keeping him from being able to move the team down the field.

He's been serving as the second-string quarterback throughout training camp, and he was utilized as such in this contest.

Sanchez also became popular within the community due to his Mexican-American heritage.