Around the time that Willner upped and left, Simon was reported to be having problems with his partner, Terri Seymour, because of his perennial refusal to commit to marriage and children. With both respective partners gone, Sinitta and Simon gravitated once more towards one another.

Since they met, there has been an intriguing symmetry in this pair's lives.

Most recently, Sinitta's 48-year-old husband, Andy Willner, a headhunter, left the family home in April to move to Hong Kong.

Cowell, 56, picked Anton at Judges’ Houses because he thought he was “different”. Dating Anton and Sinitta met in the 1990s when they both joined the cast of the musical Smokey Joe’s Café.

He said: “She was a joy and lovely to be around.“We hit it off and I fell in love with her.”Anton became obsessed with the So Macho singer, who was dating Cowell at the time, and even bombarded her with marriage proposals.

Nowadays, it is Sinitta who is politely requested to move away so they can get a photograph of Simon. It's hilarious.' Simon and Sinitta, who were together on and off for 20 years, began dating when Sinitta was just 14.

'In the old days, Simon was the record company man behind the suit and I got to be the pop star,' Sinitta recalls. She was his first ever signing and became a huge star, while Cowell remained for many years a nobody.

Sinitta (born Sinitta Renay Malone) is an American-born singer who has lived in the United Kingdom for most of her life.

In 1983, Sinitta released her debut single "Don't Break Me Into Little Pieces"; she however found fame in 1986 when she released her single "So Macho" which gave Sinitta her first UK Top 10 hit when the single charted at Number 5 and then the following week when the single climbed to Number 2.

I was worried about him because he never wanted to have kids and now this was happening.

I thought it was a problem initially.'Despite stating that she still loves her former flame, Sinitta insisted she is no longer 'in love' with Simon and wishes the couple 'happiness' for the next 'fascinating' stage of their life together.

The following year after a successful comeback with "So Macho" she released the first lead single of her upcoming debut album which ha been announced to be called "Sinitta!