It set me straight when I wasn’t listening to words.” Still, he says, he does not think he will spank his own children when he has them.

For her part, Sandy Haase expresses ambivalence about it.“I know there were times when I did it when I was getting extremely frustrated,” she says.

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So if you’ve never tried it, you’re really missing out and here are 5 reasons why; Become a high-flyer on the spanking scene! Waves of endorphins are released to counteract the pain signals being sent to the brain. Spanking that beautiful backside will stimulate the pudendal nerve (major nerve supplying the genitals), increasing blood flow and causing the genitals to become engorged.

Well, there’s no hiding from it; it’s becoming an increasingly popular activity.

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Certain tools are likely to cause more severe marks than others, but one thing’s for sure; they’ll all take some serious slap to cover up! Increased blood flow to the ‘sweet spot’ makes it all the more susceptible to every tantalising touch.

Gently move the fingers over the skin, or even kiss, lick and tickle that sensitive spot to encourage an explosive physical reaction.If you are struggling as a parent and are worried that you just aren’t doing it right, you’re not alone.Many parents need extra guidance and support from time to time.Perhaps you lose your temper with your teenager and the two of you get into escalating fights that are starting to scare you. We are thrown into parenthood without being taught the skills necessary to be successful.Many people turn to what their parents did, but times have changed and what was used in the past isn’t always appropriate today.The way corporal punishment evolved in Sandy Haase’s family is, in many ways, typical.