That man turned out to be none other than recent returnee, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) much to the delight of everyone who knew who he was and who, after having a quiet word in his shell-like, Mick convinced to play along – Which he did by planting a rather saucy kiss right on his lips, as the rest of the stag party watched on in amazement.

It was pure TV heaven watching the two most beautiful men in Walford getting it on, but what did the actors behind that already ionic kiss make of it? Ha ha😜” This was met cheekily by Dyer who quickly replied: “You lucky lucky man.

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The morally flexible Jack Branning on the BBC soap opera East Enders.

At age 16 he and several school friends joined the Royal Marines, but a training injury forced him to leave the service.

He has been a vegetarian since the age of 18; he discussed this on appearances on both The Paul O'Grady Show and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross In 2009, he was voted as PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian alongside singer Leona Lewis.

Mick Carter's stag do took an unexpected turn on Monday evening (December 28), when the landlord snogged Jack Branning as part of a drunken bet.

He added: “He wants to move away with the children.

It is so painful for him being in Walford and he feels it will be easier if he gets as far away as possible.”Speaking about how he is coping with the children on his own, he said: “He keeps having to explain it to them and that is really painful.

Jack settled down with Selina and on marrying, they had a daughter, Penny.

Jack built a career in the police force but got involved in criminal activities and when they backfired, one of Jack's informants knocked Selina and Penny down in revenge for being accidentally sent down.

Played: Ken Barlow (1960 - Present, 'Coronation Street')William, or Bill as he's known, was one of the original stars in Tony Warren's series.

In the decades since, we've seen his character marry four different women, though Deirdre Barlow will always be his soulmate.

Upon his arrival, Jack soaks Ronnie Mitchell when driving through a puddle, so she soaks him with her water bottle.