The idea that the porn I make is tasteful and, therefore acceptable, means that there is also an unacceptable and 'wrong' [version of porn] and that is not a helpful argument to make.""What is currently available on porn sites is made for one kind of viewer—the only viewer that producers think will make them a profit: hetero white guys," she says."It means that people feel their sexuailty is not represented in porn, and, because these ideal consumers in the eyes of the porn producers have so much content to access, the filmmakers start to one-up each other…There's gotta be more dicks, more holes.

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In fact when the pair of them are in the studio together, the producers are always nervous about whats going to happen.

They once had a food fight that ended in them having to go on air whilst still dripping in chocolate sauce.

Whisper questions to the Sphinx at night.” She attended the University of Michigan and is an English major.

She would like to attend grad school, but “right now I’m focusing on my modeling.

When Ashley isn't working she loves to party with her best girlfiend Lori Buckby.

They are true partners in crime and are always getting into mischief together.This was a big deal because Ashley Madison prided itself on its discretion — it was assumed to be the perfect dating site for a discreet affair.After the hack, though, it seemed that wannabe cheaters would have better luck finding mates in real life, without leaving a digital trail.Ashley is fun-loving, bubbly and a little ditzy in a sexy kind of way. Jessica's ambitions are to explore her passions, which include writing and modeling. We’ll read Henry Miller together or we won’t be together.” She added, “Miller is so sexy.I love to travel, see new places and meet new people.