He lived in London for four years when he was doing the show and lists Mc Shane, Richard Vranch Proops also appeared in every episode of the short-lived Drew Carey's Green Screen Show, where the performers would play improv games (some of which were taken from the show's main influence Whose Line Is It Anyway? Later animators would draw on the background and other props.

I never imagined that I would one day be a superhero fighting crime. gregsocelot: Are you looking forward to doing The Weakest Link?

Greg_Proops: When I was a young boy growing up in the wheat fields of San Carlos, CA.

wakka2: Is Greg aware that his show is sponsored by 1-800 contacts? megregproops: Did you always want to host a dating show, or is it an opportunity that just came up and you decided to take it? (And you have a marvelous laugh, BTW.) Greg_Proops: My wife…

😉 But I suggest that you do and I’m always of a mind that TV is not a place to look for irony!

For those of you just joining us, tonight we are chatting with comedian Greg Proops. Greg_Proops: Oh, this is the hardest question I’ve ever had to face in my life! But deep insiders will know I want to marry cashews! whotookthenamemegs: Are you wearing a costume right now? I enjoy terrace farming, spelunking, and making special desserts. Everettsdramaqueen: How did you get started in comedy? And how did you find your way to Whose Line Is It Anyway? My first gig was in front of the 7th Armored Division during the Korean War. 😉 But never rule it out, and never eat at a place called Nicks. Licorice ocelot, menthol ulalaberry, ripple or rum raisin with chocolate jimmies.

You might remember him from the improv show “Whose Line Is It Anyway? Now Greg is the co-host of the new dating show, Rendez-View. Greg_Proops: I was born in a trunk in Pittsfield, WV. sweetnspeccy: How does it feel to know that ladies all around are swooning over you? kalipso15: What is your favorite game to perform on Whose Line?

Proops has performed his stand-up act across Britain, mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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P has a spanking new stand up comedy CD called Proops Digs In.

Whose Line is currently seen on ABC Family Channel.

Proops has been a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View and The Bonnie Hunt Show.