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In 2008, APA's Council of Representatives adopted its Resolution on Transgender, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Nondiscrimination to support full equality and "the legal and social recognition of transgender individuals consistent with their gender identity and expression." The resolution also recognized the benefit and necessity of gender transition treatments for some people and called on insurance providers to cover these treatments when professional evaluations deemed them medically necessary.

Now, being transgender is being acknowledged as "part of the human condition," says lore m.

Historically debates about children and pornography have tended to play out in two directions.

Either children are discussed as being the victims used in illegal child pornography, or alternatively they are constructed as the damaged consumers of adult pornography which they inadvertently or deliberately access.

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Hollywood film director ("The Matrix") Lana (nee Larry) Wachowski was celebrated in the press for sharing her painful past of growing up transgender.

In addition, more studies are exploring treatment for transgender people who seek it, as well as ways to combat the discrimination many still face.

Sexual activity in general is associated with various risks.