According to the Gallup Poll, 51% of individuals in the United States identify as Protestant, 25.1% as Catholic, and 1.2% as Jewish [1]. Approximately 15% of the general population does not claim any religious preference.

President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell are not on speaking terms - and have not been for a few weeks now, according to multiple reports. territory of Guam with nuclear weapons, Kim Jong-un appears to be backing down in the face of threats from President Trump, and, more likely, back-channel arm-twisting from China and Russia.

But the actual reason why the two are not speaking to one another is less understood, especially by the media. If you're a Volvo fan like most readers know, you are going to be excited about the Volvo XC60 news I have for you.

If pregnancy does not occur, menses begins with the demise of the corpus luteum.

A large percentage of the population in the United States is affiliated with or adheres to a specific religious orientation.

LPD has been diagnosed in 3-20% of patients who are infertile and in 5-60% of patients experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss.

However, data show that 6-10% of women who are fertile demonstrate an inadequate luteal phase, which confirms the need for a better understanding of normal variations in the menstrual cycle and in variations that could be pathologic.

Traditional cultural norms about gendered roles and femininity still matter for women's choice of college major, according to new research.

Researcher have shown how long-held cultural norms about ...

While so-called social networks are booming and Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have millions of users in Austria, "real" social contacts are perceptibly declining. — Older adults are drawn to Facebook so they can check out pictures and updates from family and friends, but may resist using the site because they are worried about who will see their own content, ...

— There is no major difference in the gender identity development of children raised by same-sex parents compared to those adopted by heterosexual couples. — How can xenophobia be reduced and altruism strengthened?

Consequently, practitioners are frequently ill-equipped to discuss issues related to spirituality with patients [4].