At the end of each episode, we find out if the participants want to see each other again for a second date or if they head back to love's drawing board.

"First Dates" is executive produced by Ellen De Generes and Jeff Kleeman for A Very Good Production, Pam Healey and John Hesling for Shed Media, and Tim Carter for Twenty Twenty.

From Executive Producer Ellen De Generes, narrated by Drew Barrymore and based on the hit U. format, this new series offers a voyeuristic look at a variety of real first dates happening throughout one night at the same restaurant in Chicago.

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did anyone see the episode that was all gay guys yet? And what about the girl who doesn't wear deoderant?

L O L : Di can't even take this show title seriously..

I was extremely disappointed when I saw it first...

I thought it was really cheesy, more cheesy than anything else that MTV has ever done..

but then I had an epiphany: the purpose of this show IS to make the contestants look cheesy as fuck compared to the person who has the privelige of saying "next!

" I've been watching it since I had this realization and I find it rather enjoyable...

i just can't bring myself to watch it (other than the fact it's yet another TV show on a music video channel) but anyways.. i guess you could say neighborhood whore, came over to a friends house..

one at a time someone would go upstairs and take a turn..

Sadly, he chose Vikki (for some distinguishing factor between the two women that we honestly couldn’t tell you) and left Rikki heart broken. A 30-year old man (Australian tennis star and all-around hottie Mark Philippoussis) dated women divided into two age groups: the “kittens,” or the women in their 20s, and the “cougars,” the women in their late 30s to late 40s. Twenty strangers live in a house together knowing that their “perfect match” is there too. There’s no way people would watch this for four seasons? Two strangers go on a date as cameras follow their every move. If you’re wondering why this sounds so familiar, it’s because it’s now called TINDER. But the most important thing to remember about this show is that it was hosted by MONICA LEWINSKY.