And it is more safe (say they) to stand vp∣on the shoare, and to see the raging of the waters from the sea bankes, than to be tossed thereupon, and endan∣gered thereby.

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– He said with such fervor that for a second Tracy almost believed him.

– Who knows, maybe next year at an office party in honor of the contenders for the title of “Best Manager of the Year” will receive it’s my father.

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Please note that you can also login using your Facebook login.The Soviet Republic of Armenia was established on November 29, 1920; in 1922 Armenia became part of the Transcaucasian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic; and in 1936 this republic was dissolved and Armenia became a constituent (union) republic of the Soviet Union.Armenia declared sovereignty on August 23, 1990, and independence on September 23, 1991.Verified members are displayed in sky blue boxes within search results. Doing so we are able to maintain quality user database as well as provide periodical improvements and introduce new features.We strive to improve our service while keeping memebrship prices at a minimal cost and it can be made possible only with your trust and support, so feel free to invite your friends to Arm and become our fan on Facebook to keep yourself updated with latest improvements and announcements.BY APO SAHAGIAN From The Times of Israel It happened again on Saturday night.