Installation was foolproof thanks to magnets built into the LED strips and an included extension cord.

The amount of knowledge a person can obtain from properly setting up trail cameras is almost incalculable.

From a land and wildlife management point of view, trail cameras are one of the best tools to utilize.

Ground plates or tripods are typically used for remote cameras placed on the ground.

For remotes that are in close proximity to the photographer, hand or sound triggers can be used.

If there’s one single feature PC hardware companies have beaten to a bloody pulp by now, it’s RGB lighting.

Some purists argue that it’s an unnecessary gimmick, but others can’t help but be drawn to the appeal of having a 24/7 party on their desktop.

It would also be pretty easy to torque the camera in a way to easily snap the brackets.

We don't like this design at all, the only way to truly correct this is to use the camera with a security case.

Of course, a trail camera is just like any other tool in the land manager’s arsenal. Fortunately, one need not be a camera expert to extract valuable information.

While there are many ways to set up a trail camera, here are a few tips and techniques to avoid in order to get the most from your cameras.

The python lock bracket is an extremely poor design.