Firstly for those about to consider visiting a psychic for the first time, secondly for those who have already consulted a psychic and therefore know a little of what to expect and finally for those who are perhaps simply curious to find out how a psychic actually operates.

I also get “If you’re so psychic tell me when my birthday is.” When people ask me questions like that, I know they don’t understand what being psychic really means. you send off a signal that I can read energetically. I’m getting permission from you to access your guides so they can tell me what you most need to know to help you on your path. For example, they can tell me what job you have now and what job you wish you had, AND how to make that transition.

If I then use my clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance, I may also know exactly WHY you’re feeling the way you’re feeling (i.e. Guides can reveal to me that you’re in an abusive relationship and tell me exactly what I need to say to you so that you can finally feel safe admitting it and working on a plan to extricate yourself.

That's why, even when presented with evidence, most believers will only concede that That's part of what makes being a medium such a great con: the victims prefer the fabrication to the truth.

Since debunking mediums never seems to change any minds, I'd like to try something different. Rejecting Mediums Is Not The Same Thing As Rejecting Religion Although I'm not personally one to turn to religion to find truth, I know that many people are.

It's easy to explain the well-documented tricks mediums use to create the illusion that they have any sort of special abilities.

The hard part is getting people to let go of the hope that they can still talk to the people they love.I fear that when anyone tries to debunk mediums that many people somehow take this as an attempt to undermine their faith in heaven. You do not have to believe in mediums in order to believe in the afterlife.Second, your religion may actually disapprove of mediums.Like a coveted Birkin bag, psychics are the hottest, must-have accessory in Hollywood, and increasingly, women of all walks of life are turning to a higher power for guidance.Every psychic has a different method—some use tarot cards for example-- but essentially, they tap into supernatural energy.What then accounts for this absence of hard information?