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We won’t be publishing ratings with less than a 2.5 average star rating, and you need to get a 3 star or better rating to get us to make a movie for you. Pull it down in Chrome, it more or less does everything.

It didn’t do anything Bebo-esque like make me invite my address book to try Boomerang, a new way I’m tricking them all.

So…Ratings are given in 6 categories, and go from one star (think Bob for Microsoft), to 5 Stars (Think: OSX 10.6) So far, we don’t do “grade inflation,” so a 3.5 star rating is what we’d consider pretty good. The one bummer (that kept them from 5 stars) is that we didn’t get to play with the best toys during the trial period: they allow you to track open rates and such, and that was hidden to trial users. But it looks WAY WORSE than any other part of the application.

Anyway, they have some areas where they are direct competitors. It was pretty painless, and I have no idea why anyone would expect a better setup.

It failed to realise that Bebo was a platform for teenagers.

Unlike Facebook, which has a broad appeal and manages to keep adults apart from children, Bebo’s whole ethos from launch in January 2005 was that it was meant to represent a digital version of a teenager’s wall and be a space which teenagers could totally customize and express themselves on and through.

When I login it says, hey, I can get rewards if I sign up. Is Boomerang for Gmail going in a direction consistent with having a platform?

Well, with the features on the “pro” level it seems that they are intent on moving into the space occupied by Tout and Yesware.

This voice is a joy to listen to and this tunes are catchy.