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Dipolog City, the trading and commercial center, and Dapitan City, the tourists haven.

It is situated in the northwestern free, dapitan-dipolog, forum, dipolog, dapitan, city, twin, cities, zamboanga, norte, trading, commercial, center, tourists The well-equipped gentleman's haven and retreat from the hubbub and toil of other internet forums.

Ever since he’d met Abby, his memories of Catherine had grown distant—as if the bond tying him to her was eroding.

Conversely sometimes it seemed as if she’d leaned over his shoulder to give him advice. She’d been a full-time slave, wanting nothing more than to serve him.

wake me from the depths of hell, will you come back and save me am I still alive wake me peel open these eyes, cause this nightmare may break me am I still alive wake me from the depths of hell, will you come back and save me am I still alive wake me peel open these eyes, cause this nightmare may break me am I still alive wake me Reawaken from the slumber Cast your doubt aside Embody the elements That make you pure We all see the world Through our own glass Emphasize the flaws Invisible to the rest Hide behind the curtain alone Dreaming of the wildest wonders While the wishes blacken in your hands A dream it will only ever be Until your rest escapes Your progress is nil Entering the void To wither and die Does not excite the mind Live before you die After the end, when it all turns black The soul sheds its skin, unchained from it’s mask As the dawn approaches The warmth of light lifts me From the depths of the dead To rise from decay Rise, your rest is unearned Your purpose is unfulfilled Forsaken in the flesh Destined to bare our sins Take haste and don't delay Our lives rest on you The battle awaits your return Wide awake from the other side Your divinity will shine Time to take what was left behind Your divinity will shine One, lead the fight to their door Leave none left to stray Battle glory belongs to you It is yours to lose Chosen by the higher beings You are to slay their foes Your reward is their warmth Warrior of light Dispense the shade Wield your courage To victory GO!

the moon shined bright as I arrived all signals clear but I'm still here I look up, to a universe that I can trust while we all stare into the void a million years away from me will I ever make it home a sincere fear extracts a tear who am i to be where should i go A fire in the sky Rains death and decay sent by few upon the innocent land take a seat for the ride of your life it'll be over soon enough the stage is set for the battle to blaze all kings shall fall today Brace yourself, for the end, hell has been unleashed and if the heat don't kill you, the nuclear winter will Dancing in the ashen snow, with no cares left to give mankind's struggle ends by his own hand The end is near, no escape is in sight as the night lights up with eternal light moments of clarity before it's over do the cares i had matter now?

The sandy-haired cop wore jeans and a T-shirt that barely stretched over his broad shoulders.

“It’s damn good to see you.” “And you.” They shook hands.

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