Most of the practitioners in attendance — representing national organizations, schools and victim service community-based agencies — said that they primarily see female victims, and when they discuss teen dating violence with students, they hear that boys are the primary perpetrators. Because teen dating violence has only recently been recognized as a significant public health problem, the complex nature of this phenomenon is not fully understood.

Although research on rates of perpetration and victimization exists, research that examines the problem from a longitudinal perspective and considers the dynamics of teen romantic relationships is lacking.

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We then spoke up and asked the Senator whether he would support AB 593 as it can be an adjunct to this relief of prison costs.

Senator Lowenthal claimed that he would need to read the bill, however, he did agree that this was a cause that he could attest to!

Since then several other states have passed laws based on Lindsay’s law.

The Lindsay Ann Burke Memorial Fund is pleased to present it’s original workshop on DVD to help schools implement these laws.

Vignettes elaborate the various facets of dating violence: an abuser's jealousy and need to control his victim; another abuser's use of manipulation and verbal abuse to undermine his girlfriend's self-confidence; the manipulation of a male partner by a girl using suicide threats; addresses the victim's inability to change the abuser; how attitudes and expectations about sex contribute to date rape.

Workshop comes in a sturdy three-ring binder that holds master copies of the handouts, suggestions for conducting the workshop, and an extensive bibliography and resource list.

Image: legistation.California State Senator Alan Lowenthal visited CSULB to discuss and address students’ concerns regarding state legislation.

A fellow student brought up the issue of our overcrowded prison system and the Senator stated that any means to decrease number of prisoners in turn can lower state costs.

Through our workshops, which are approved for professional development contact hours by the Rhode Island Department of Education, we have trained thousands of teachers throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut.

In 2007 Rhode Island was the first state to pass a comprehensive dating violence education law known as the Lindsay Ann Burke Act.

We approached him after to let him know more of AB 593 and handed him one of our flyers.