For example, consider the following VB6 code: Private Sub Text1_Got Focus() Text1.

Back Color = vb Yellow End Sub Private Sub Text1_Lost Focus() Text1.

validating event of textbox-62

Hi, Looking at the code for setting up form controls in it appears we detect control changes on Change "register On Change" eg.

if a user types into an input control that is an ng2 angular control, each keypress triggers a validationcheck ..

Then, we'll demonstrate how you can use validation techniques to prevent bad data from being entered into your application in the first place.

Consistent use of these techniques will help make your applications more robust and reliable.

The user might delete a critical file or enter invalid data.

A network link to a server might fail just as you're transferring data.In such cases, you can force the controls in the support library to behave more closely to the original VB6 controls by setting the VB6Config.Focus Event Support static property to True: When this property is True, the support library ensures that the Lost Focus event is always fired after the Validate event.Back Color = vb White End Sub Private Sub Text1_Validate(Cancel as Boolean) Cancel = (Text1. In some applications, however, the code in the Text1_Lost Focus method might depend on some variable that has been set in the Validate event.Text = "") End Sub Now consider the corresponding VB. If the end user clicks on a different control and Text1 contains an empty string, the Lost Focus event resets the background color to white, then the Validate event cancels the focus shift, and finally the Got Focus event changes the background color to yellow again. If this is the case, the converted code might fail or behave unexpectedly.Each control has the following events and properties that are used to validate a form. Validation on a control is triggered when the control loses focus. Cancel Event Args] object as a parameter to the event block, which you can access this by using the in the Validating event, all events that would usually occur after the Validating event are suppressed.