When a Fed Ex man heard her singing at a recording session, he told his friend, an Epic Records A&R man, about Moore and she soon signed with the label.

Epic at first cast her as another Britney Spears, sending her on tour with the Backstreet Boys in support of her first album, (Number 31, 1999).

He toured with Tower of Power, among others, and fronts popular local band The New Old.

Their parents still live in the home the boys grew up in on PCH.

The house was always filled with music and instruments, since Lenny Goldsmith was a successful singer himself.

At twelve years of age Moore attended the theater camp Stagedoor Manor where other big names like Robert Downey Jr. A year later Moore decided to take her dreams of singing to the next level by recording her own music in studios.

It was during one of these seemingly ordinary days when a Federal Express deliveryman heard Moore’s voice and was captivated by it.

After she saw the musical , Moore's grandmother encouraged her to pursue her own dreams of music and theater.

As a child, she frequently sang the national anthem at sporting events in the Orlando area. I think [my co-star] Milo [Ventimiglia, who plays her husband Jack] has said that [too]. I think [my co-star] Milo [Ventimiglia, who plays her husband Jack] has said that [too].The Best of Mandy Moore (Video) (performer: "Candy", "Walk Me Home", "So Real", "I Wanna Be With You", "In My Pocket", "Crush", "Cry", "Have a Little Faith in Me", "Moonshadow", "Senses Working Overtime", "Drop the Pilot") I'm a spiritual person and a religious person. I'm not someone who'll say, 'This is what I believe, and you should too!Along with fellow blonde Jessica Simpson, singer and actress Mandy Moore was among the second tier of teen queens to follow the massive late-Nineties success of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.But Moore had a more serious streak and by 2003 had gone from blonde to brunette and was trying to change her teenybopper image into that of a real actress and interpretive adult-contemporary pop/rock singer in the vein of Linda Ronstadt. She was born Amanda Leigh Moore on April 10th, 1984, in Nashua, New Hampshire, and raised in Altamonte Springs, Florida.By the following year, the album had sold more than a million copies and yielded the hit "Candy" (Number 41, 1999).