Wearing just red shorts The Expendables star leapt onto the end of the canoe, catapulting Isaiah out as he continued to wreak havoc amid explosions, volcano blasts and more as he promoted the unusually named Old Spice Bearglove fragrance.

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The original ad, entitled "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" was directed by Tom Kuntz, and features Mustafa reciting a monologue about how "anything is possible" if a man uses Old Spice.

Together at last: Old Spice's hunky pitch men, Isaiah Mustafa, left, and Terry Crews, will appear together for the first time in the brand's hilarious new advert, due to air on NBC on Sunday in the NHL Hall Of Fame game In the past Old Spice has used Isaiah, 41, and Terry, 47, to appeal to different consumers with Mustafa as the charmer working his way into ladies' hearts while testosterone-pumped Terry's bulging muscles and non-stop shouting appeal more to men.

The Frisky: Besides smelling good, what should a man should do to make the woman in his life happy?

is a television advertising campaign in the United States created by ad agency Wieden Kennedy for Old Spice.

The campaign targets female viewers, despite the product's target market being male, as the company determined that women frequently make purchasing decisions in respect of hygiene products even for male household members.

The campaign centers on the eponymous "Man Your Man Could Smell Like", played by actor Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice refers to him as "Old Spice Man") addressing the viewer in confident, rapid-fire monologues which promote the benefit of using Old Spice products.

Rancic, a self proclaimed match-maker then probed Mustafa about what he's looking for in a mate. Rancic followed his ambiguous statement by asking if the hair had to be real. I want my kids to have nice hair so she better have good hair. So, Mustafa is looking for a woman with "good" non-nappy hair?

Mustafa, who has been romantically linked to Kathy Griffin, listed admirable qualities such as athleticism and honesty but then asserted that his ideal woman has to have "good hair." Really? Cause, I don't know if you've checked my hair out lately. If we apply the stereotypical definition of "good hair" and what "nappy" means--it sounds like African American women might be out of the running for Mustafa's affection. UPDATE: Mustafa issued the following apology via Twitter on September 30 at approximately pm.

While reciting the monologues, Mustafa progresses through various activities, locations, costumes, and extraordinary situations, all in one uninterrupted take while maintaining constant eye-contact with the camera in a nonchalant demeanor.