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\nocite \printbibliography \end \documentclass[twocolumn] \usepackage[style=authoryear, maxcitenames = 2, mincitenames = 1, maxbibnames = 99, minbibnames = 1, dashed = false, firstinits=true, urldate=long, dateabbrev=false, backend=biber] % !

\Declare Field Format[article,book,collection,incollection,manual,misc, periodical,proceedings,report,thesis,software,unpublished] \Define Bibliography Extras %% ================================================= \begin Test cite \parencite.

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BIB TS-program = biber %^ line above is necessary to tell Te XShop to use Biblatex rathern than traditional Bib Tex.

\usepackage[utf8] % utf8 support \usepackage[T1] % code for pdf file % w/out these two lines, I get the warning, "WARN - The entry '_______' has characters which cannot be encoded in 'ascii'. \usepackage \begin @unpublished \end \addbibresource % Add the text, "Available at:" prior to URL and "accessed" afterward in parentheses.

You'll also need to remember the date you used the website on your bibliography.

\documentclass[twocolumn] \usepackage[style=authoryear,maxcitenames = 2,mincitenames = 1,maxbibnames = 99,minbibnames = 1,dashed = false,firstinits=true,backend=biber] % !

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