The basis for this surprising split is unclear at the moment, but sources claim Pinto is “single and happy,” despite being seen with billionaire Siddharth Mallya at her 30th birthday party in October..Just last year, Pinto and Patel were so gosh darn smitten with each other that they told Us Weekly they don't celebrate Valentine's Day because "every day should be a celebration of love." We wish we knew what happened since then to destroy their life together as a couple.

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Patel currently stars on HBO's The Newsroom, while Pinto was last seen in a movie titled "Desert Dancer." Prior to dating her now-ex-boyfriend, Pinto was engaged to her former publicist, Rohan Antao, until January 2009.

Here's a look at other famous couples that also called it quits in 2014.

Directed by Garth Davis, Lion is about an Indian guy, adopted by an couple, goes for a search of his biological family in India.

actor showed their support for Pratham, which is committed to ending the cycle of poverty by improving the education and literacy rates of children in India, was revealed.

Now when Dev Patel became the first actor of proper Indian origin to get an Oscar nomination, Freida Pinto has not forgotten to wish her first co-star and later boyfriend on her Insta account. A fine example of what hardwork, focus, humility and crazy amazing talent rewards one with . @lionmov @theacademy #Oscars2017 #Oscar Nominations2017 #bestactorinasupportingrole.” That’s quite a sweet gesture from her, which is something many of her colleagues should learn as well – it’s okay to wish your ex on a public platform and be in good terms with him/her even after the split, instead of just living in the belief that that other person has ceased to exist.

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto met and fell in love while shooting for the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire.

Freida and Dev, who started dating during the filming of "You can be with someone and it can be really good for your growth.

But I ended up being single when I started thinking about these other things," she said.

They’ve always been very kind to me and, even as a gangly guy, I felt I was rocking their suits. ’ And then he says: ‘But you’re so, ugh, so normal-looking.’” Patel looks upset even now.

17, takes a more mature role in the film Lion, in which the Slumdog Millionaire star portrays Saroo Brierley, an Indian man who was lost as a five-year-old, adopted and raised by Australian parents, and who, 25 years later, used Google Earth to find his way home.

If you hear a crashing, shattering sound, then that would be our hearts breaking, as we had high hopes that the couples' six-year relationship would last.