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)Now, maybe your sex life is more futuristic than mine, but this is the unlikely use case scenario promised by Love Spark, the latest i OS/Android app by Perigee that’s marketed as a “productivity app for love” and is, in no uncertain terms, a to-do list for your sex life.“We don’t think a to-do feature is the total opposite of human intimacy in this case,” a Perigee rep tells me.

(Hotter.) You slowly scroll through your to-do lists of sexual positions. ) Then you send an SMS across the sheets, along with the comment “I’d tap that.” (Ooh, too hot!

If you still think a mobile phone is just for making phone calls, you have some serious catching up to do.

The smartphone revolution is well under way, as people now use their devices for everything from streaming music to watching movies to video chatting. Calls you make or receive on your smartphone don't use data — they use minutes and are charged as such in your cellular plan.

The bragging rights for i Phone users come courtesy of dating website Ok Cupid, which crunched data on 9,785 users who took their profile pictures with smart phones to come up with the numbers.

The top graph features data exclusively for 30 year-olds, while the second graph covers a wide variety of ages.

The result: i Phone users have more sex than Blackberry users, who in turn get it on more than Android owners.

Female i Phone users are the big winners, with an average of 12.3 sexual partners.

Here are seven commonly used data-gobbling functions, in descending order of consumption.