And if I go out with them a few times and I see that they might be a good match, I find no need in dating other guys, until I see where my current dating endeavour will lead.

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Hey Zander, if I can open my own jar of jelly can I punch you in the face? That or I get to kick your knee out and dislocate it so you can't even hobble around to try and get to your phone to send such a stupid message.

Sometimes, when things get hard, and you see one dating failure succeeding another one, it’s hard not to lose hope and not to give up on your search for love all together.

When it comes to dating, after seeing my catastrophes repeating themselves with different guys, I couldn’t help but wonder – In a city like London, where possibilities are limitless, why does it seem that when it comes to guys I only had one?

In New York, many of the single women here are professionals. But I think there can be great value in spreading out your network. As they say, your reputation can precede you, which can be a good thing, too, as it can just automatically attract like-minded people to you. And it helps to put a bug in their ear, as otherwise they may not think of it.

They’ve graduated from college, they have good jobs, and they are paying their own rent here in the city. Not only will it enrich your life, but it can lead to great connections. I was always saying to friends, “So tell me about the dream guy that you are going to set me up with.” 🙂 Of course, these were friends I trusted, friends that knew what I was all about. They jumped through hoops, they got email addresses, they played matchmaker over and over. Nearly every person I dated after my divorce was someone I got set up with.

I'm back from my long vacation where I visited four countries in Europe.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to see new places, spend time with friends, and clear my mind.

Today I had a guy make an assumption about me but it didn't go far.