They own several clothing and lifestyle stores stocking, among other things, Kardashian mineral water and Kardashian beach towels; they oversee a make-up and fragrance line, and they design a fashion range called Kardashian Kollection, which is why we are meeting today, ahead of its launch in Dorothy Perkins stores across the UK on Thursday.

They each own sprawling Los Angeles pads; have a combined Twitter following of 32 million, and sensational personal lives that have included a 72-day marriage, If the Kardashians have passed you by entirely then congratulations may be in order, along with concern over where it is that you’ve been hiding.

Robin Williams, who starred in many formative movies of my childhood and released comedy that had my high-school friends and I in stitches, took his own life this week. I’m told and have witnessed how the world seems to turn gray and the usual pleasures seem empty and how although you know at the back of your mind that you’re loved, you don’t see it. You don’t feel anything, so in the end, taking that final step seems like it might make you feel something. It’s one of those experiential things that if it hasn’t happened to you, the closest you can get it second-hand relation.

As AIFF opens its Call for Entries, we look forward to another year of exceptional films that foster appreciation for different cultures by exploring the lives of people around the globe through independent film and nurturing the next generation of filmmakers.

As we prepare to enter into the Thanksgiving and Holiday season, the Arlington International Film Festival would like to express our gratitude to all our sponsors, judges, volunteers, organizations, partners, high school students, musician, viewers, followers and indie filmmakers around the world that partner with us to produce this annual festival.

Economic and geographical situation of the Transcaucasian republics is worse now.

Several points of hostilities in the region have caused irreparable damage to the entire economic complex.

‘Just two days ago it showed photos of me wearing something they said was unflattering.

But it was the cutest, most comfortable dress by Alexander Wang.Together with their extended family (the dysfunctionality of which has so far spawned seven seasons of …) they are the current bread and butter of celebrity magazines and news sites, where they are so ubiquitous it seems strange that the spell check on my laptop questions their name.On an average day, the showbiz news section of Mail Online – to which half the female population is currently addicted – will run at least two stories on Kim alone, largely derived from her new relationship with music star Kanye West, her famously curvy figure and/or what she is wearing.A point that is not lost on Kim, who, it turns out, is a Mail Online reader herself.‘I look at that site, just never the comments, right; you can’t waste your time on that,’ she says wryly. Though I don’t personally suffer from depression, I know people who do and have seen its effects.