Your recipient needs the proper key in order to read the messages.

This key is asymmetrically encrypted and sent individually to each recipient of the message using the RSA-2048 method.

Moreover, it is not only algorithms that require a wide margin for error.

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Our transport and end-to-end encryption provides sender and recipient with the highest standards of security.

No telephone number or registration needed for adding friends.

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SIMSme transmits your texts, images, videos, locations or contact data to your business partners immediately and completely secure using end-to-end encryption - entirely free of charge. In addition to encryption and password protection, SIMSme also offers the possibility of checking your contacts via a QR code scanning process — so you can be sure of their identities. You can either set up a countdown so that your message can only be read for a certain amount of time or select an expiration date for the message.

SIMSme makes the security of your communications its top priority. Especially important messages can be given an additional layer of security with the self-destruct feature.

This will automatically make it disappear at the desired time. All messages sent via SIMSme are always completely private and secure against eavesdropping (and will remain so) thanks to our end-to-end encryption system.

Due to its decentralized nature, there are thousands of XMPP servers available, from which to choose from.

You may choose any of the listed servers or a different server altogether, you can always communicate with users on other servers.

Online platforms already have content guidelines for their human moderators, which include requirements to block access to content in jurisdictions where it is clearly illegal.