First of all i would say get rid of the redundant features in your dataset, Jogging and running could be 1 feature instead of 2, also after that you can use K-means algorithm to group data in an unsupervised way to learn more about K-means you can go to this link: https:// Also as you're building an online system, it has to improve itself everyday You can watch this for learning a bit more about online learning https:// Also https:// RHJ/stochastic-gradient-descent this stochastic gradient will be helpful to know.These are conceptual videos do not implement anything yourself, you can always use a library like tensorflow https:// I know this looks a bit hard to understand but you'll need this knowledge in order to build your own custom recommendation system.Gerhardt prepositional ,, disregards its reallotting later.

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Online dates have become the norm with the prolific introduction of sites like Match, e-Harmony or apps like Tinder and Bumble.

While these sites and apps are a great way to meet potential mates in today's fast pace world, online dates can also go sour. The premise of the app is to pair people who are both on bad online dates.

I have searched on google and some suggested to use clustering algorithm for this Algorithm for clustering people with similar interests User similarities algorithm Lets I have data in this JSON format for users I think hard coding similarity is a wrong approach.

FYI none of the major search engines rely on such mappings. Create an ad hoc methodology to start with and once you have sufficient data build machine learning models to rank matches. For the location, have some kind of a radius (preferably this can be set by the user) and match people within the radius. I am new for these kinda machine learning based model, do you have an idea how I should start with my case ?

A key question here is - what kind of app you want to build and why does it need a geolocation feature.

Here we collected few tips and tricks about how to build an app with geolocation and how much it will cost in case of choosing i OS or Android platform for your future app.

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These are travel, health and fitness, lifestyle, weather forecast apps and much more.

Therefore, geolocation suits to every application and make it more interactive and useful.

The geo-location based app gives users the chance to escape a horrible date and meet someone new in the same area in real-time.