"In Beijing, when my goggles filled with water, I didn't panic," Phelps says. I knew how many strokes it takes me to get up and down the pool, so I started counting my strokes.The 27-year-old athlete, whose arms span 6ft 7in (201 cm)—disproportionate to his height of 6ft 4in inches (193 cm)— maintains that his performance is down to his highly calorific diet, which sees him feast on a staggering 12,000 calories every day."I think your plan is back-firing," she taunted Black. Brittany Murphy's death in 2009 was the catalyst to her path to freedom: "Phelps-Roper had loved Murphy in 'Clueless,' and she felt an unexpected pang—not quite sadness, but something close—over her death.

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It's likely that Phelps uninvited his longtime rival and friend, who was his roommate during the Rio Olympics, over the scandal that erupted when Lochte fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint on a night out in Brazil.

A look back through their Instagram accounts reveals that on the same day the two were married, Johnson posted a photo of her new husband and their son Boomer with he caption: 'Such a memorable night with my lil fambam.' 'I've been married for a while, been married for a while, couple months.

"I felt like I would be such a jackass to go on and post something like that," she said." In 2011, she developed a secret online correspondence (dating outside the church was strictly forbidden) with a male Twitter user she called "CG," and over a game of "Words with Friends," the two began an intense emotional affair; CG's liberal and accepting ideas started to rub off on the isolated Megan.

So much so that one day, after viewing photos of a famine in Somalia, Megan burst into tears.

the kid is due around July -- right before the '16 Olympics.

Embrace Drills Long swims are great for improving your endurance, but try other drills for speed and form.

It was the experience: Coming face-to-face with a 13' hammerhead, or being in a cage and watching multiple great whites just fly around me, and not attack the cage.

They would kind of bite at the cage, just what they normally do.

When I had the opportunity to be on a Shark Week show, it was an absolute no-brainer, and an instant yes from me, just because it was something on my bucket list to do.