In many cases, trauma is simply beyond representation.

In two separate, simultaneous exhibitions at Marian Goodman Gallery in Paris, artists Dara Birnbaum and Matt Saunders explored the terrain of such upheaval and strain—be it world conflict, personal illness, rising seas, or inside the image itself.

Emanuel Goldsmith.) “The great achievement of the Conference was not that it put Yiddish on the map — Yiddish had been on the map for a long time — but it put Yiddishism on the map.

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John Carroll depicts the career of this softspoken pioneer who helped lift pro football above its reputation as "a dirty little business run by rogues and bargain-basement entrepreneurs." A reluctant celebrity and folk hero, Red Grange stood throughout his life as a symbol of older, rural American values: an unpretentious self-made individual making a mark in a society increasingly controlled by machines, vast corporations, and stifling bureaucracies.

His story is an essential element in understanding football's central place in American culture.

Our heroes must protect the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy, from the evil pirate Phantom, and return the young Pokémon to the Sea Temple with the help of the the People of the Water and Jackie the Pokémon Ranger.

When Pikachu is taken to the Tree of Beginnings by the playful Mew, Ash Ketchum and friends are guided to the tree by Lucario, a time-displaced Pokémon who seeks answers regarding the betrayal of his master.

The minutes of the Conference went unpublished, and efforts to establish an office and membership organization devoted to follow-up were unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, writes Ruth Kaswan, the Conference “was a landmark occasion in the rise of Jewish consciousness and liberation.” Its affirmation of Yiddish as a language was “a declaration of solidarity with the Jewish masses that was by definition a revolutionary act.” This “inspired the creation of a vast school system around which the Jewish population in the areas of its greatest concentration, in Poland and the Baltic States, was able to create almost a state within a state in the period between the two world wars, inspiring in the people a sense of pride and identity and providing a focal point for democratic socialist action in the context of the political activities of their countries.” (Our June 2008 issue featured an in-depth conversation about the Czernowitz Conference with Dr.

He ranked with Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey in the 1920s as the most heralded figures in America's "golden age of sport," and when Sports Illustrated did a special issue in 1991 on the greatest moments in sports, Grange was selected for the cover.

Grange's star rose in tandem with that of the sport itself.

During their travels through the Unova region, Ash and his friends Iris and Cilan arrive in Eindoak Town, built around a castle called the Sword of the Vale. See full summary » Ash and friends (this time accompanied by newcomer Dawn) arrive at an idyllic village on their way to their next Pokemon contest, where chaos will soon erupt with the prophecy of two Pokemon Gods (Dialga and Palkia) and the arrival of a mysterious, seemingly deadly Pokemon named Darkrai, which has the power to distort space and time. This is one of the best Pokemon movies I've ever seen so far. The best thing I really like about this movie is that the movie followed up on the plot perfectly.