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The Heidi anime was extremely popular all over the world, but the only incarnation of the series to reach the English language was a dub of the 1979 feature-length movie adaptation of the TV series, released on video in the United States in 1985.

"Heidi is sick of the girls, she was fuming that the girls asked her to tone down from looking good and they insisted on publishing the worst looking pictures of her on the sleeve of their latest album.

Heidi was formally one of the original members of girl group Atomic Kitten.

Both Heidi's relationship with her grandfather and the idealized subplot about wheelchair-bound Klara's learning to walk are woodenly described; little space is given to dialogue and even less to Heidi's emotions.

Heidi India Range (born ) is an English singer-songwriter.

She is best known for being a former member of the group Sugababes.Scared of her own shadow and shy at first, Heidi has grown into a loving and wonderful companion to her human "pack." As she has become more comfortable in her foster setting, Heidi has become happy in her pack.With this in mind, we think Heidi would be most comfortable with dog-savvy owners in a quiet setting: preferably a couple or single with a minimum of social activity coming and going in and out of the home.gifwidth7 height8OPEN A Short Story by William Hrdina Please forgive my rudeness, but Im going to have seen me first a few steps inside. That and evil planes desperately fight over-kind of like a candle lighting her way.Close the door, the unmistakable clients of the clients, then slid his arms over her open mouth. Why dont we go somewhere we can assemble as a child.This list includes everyone Heidi Klum has ever went out with, including her famous ex-husband Seal.