star Rashida Jones and her current beau, President Obama‘s speechwriter Jon Favreau, were spotted in the lobby of the Charleston, Jon‘s swanky apartment building in Arlington, Virginia.

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Favreau attended the College of the Holy Cross, graduating as valedictorian.

In college, he accumulated scholastic honors, and took part in and directed community and civic programs.

She says,"I figured this was the only time I was allowed to wear a white ball gown, so why not go all out!

"Emily's bridesmaids wore blue dresses by Lula Kate, while her sister and best friend wore a striped variation.

Obama and Favreau grew close, and Obama referred to him as his "mind reader".

He went on the campaign trail with Obama during his successful presidential election campaign.

Word broke today that Barack Obama's funniest speechwriter Jon Lovett -- performing above at the Washington Improv (giving an impeccable impersonation of Arianna Huffington) and who along with lead Obama wordsmith, Jon Favreau, was the genius this year behind President Obama's Trump-stirring White House Correspondent's Dinner speech -- will be leaving DC to write funny stuff for Hollywood. I've been studying Lovett from a safe distance for a while -- and he reminds me of my pal Darren Star who never wrote speeches -- but was from Potomac, Maryland before he began defining for the Beverly Hills and Melrose crowds how they lived better than they could ever tell.

Darren, you should meet Lovett quick -- before one of those more humor-needy producers get him.

(Tommy is the guy pictured on the left.)Vietor and Jon Lovett have been sharing a flat this past year, or were last I checked in, and that means Vietor will probably need a new roomie unless President Obama is giving his National Security Spokesman a raise -- and given the debt ceiling fiasco, I somehow doubt that.

Congratulations Jon Lovett -- though I just can't imagine Barack Obama being funny without you.

In 2009, he was named as a White House staff member as Director of Speechwriting.