If you share custody of your children, you’ll need to focus on what’s best for them.

In dealing with your ex-wife, you are often told to avoid negative talk or interactions in the presence of your children.

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You may think that you went through all the mourning you would ever need when the divorce became final.

When dealing with your ex-wife and who she dates, there are many emotions and situations that you may experience.

With your children’s best interests in mind, it may help the situation if you are cordial with him.

You don’t have to crack jokes with him, but simply leaving the animosity behind may help the situation.

"), others have feelings of loss and even depression."While I know that the marriage is over, I just hadn't thought about how it would feel to be replaced by another man," Steve told me.

"I knew that she was dating other guys, but I just never thought she would remarry and maybe feel about someone else the way she felt about me once upon a time." So, if you have some weird feelings about your ex-spouse remarrying, how can you handle it and what should you do to make this moment of truth a little more manageable?

I often hear of ex-spouses who can continue to be friends after they divorce.

I would say that that is the ideal, but not always the practical or realistic expectation - especially for the new girlfriend or wife.

Even though their relationship after the divorce was not that great, it was still quite an emotional blow to him.