This video game features cartoon violence not unlike what you'd see on a Saturday morning cartoon, such as tossing bombs at other drivers or zapping them with a lightning bolt.

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It is no more violent than a game of Mario Kart, with action consisting of cartoon weapons and high-speed races.

There is some minor off-color humor, such as a driver who picks his nose and flings it at another driver and a scene where the commentator gives a driver a "Spock" pinch on the neck to make him pass out.

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The squeaker will talk in an extremely loud voice, to the point of the audio level needing to be turned down for the comfort of the listener.

" /Mod Nation Racers is about competing in fast-paced, over-the-top races against either cartoon opponents or your friends, which can foster a spirit of friendly competition.

You are rewarded for slowing down rivals using weapons, but it's clearly a cartoon game without any overt messaging.

You play as a graffiti artist named "Tagger," though he doesn't actually "tag" anything in the game.

Little is revealed about our hero, so it's difficult to discern much about his personality other than that he's competitive and likes to race.

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