Second Chance Shadowy Corners Shortnin' Bread Stardust Cha Cha Sunday Morning Sway Again Tango Antonio Tango Terrific Tango Tiarni The Heart Matters The Wedding Twitter Your Last Letter Unforgettable Venus 2012 Waltz Easy Across Texas Waltz of Hope We're All Alive!

One More Time Party For Everybody Pink Lady Red Hot Baby Salsa Red Hot Easy Salsa Rock Easy Around the Clock Rumba Two Say!

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" but we both thought it looked dumb so we never REALLY got it I just find it really ironic 'cause now I really DO want to see it I like her. I hope her song is chosen for Adam's album, because she is an amazing songwriter.

) my sister and I ALWAYS saw that movie at Blockbuster, and every time we'd joke and say "Let's rent Curly Sue!

Hello,1) Jasmine Murray (TMAR- will be going down). This was not the right song for and overall I was expecting a lot more.

I agree with Randy that a Rihanna song would have been a lot better.

Always a Hoot Catfish Dinner Country Proud Don't Leave Drink Drink Drink Easily Wanted Happy Hour Hearts on Fire Hey Lover Holiday Margadaiquiri Mountain Girl My Kinda Girl Never Bring Me Down Never Goes Away Night On Ordinary Angels Break Free Planet Country Ready to Roll Shakin' Silver Silver Lady Surrendering Hearts Thank You (aka Waltz for Gisela) The Boss’s Pink Cadillac Up a Creek Who Needs Mexico You're My Vice Intermediate Improver Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Improver Improver Intermediate Improver Intermediate Improver Improver Beginner Improver Improver Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Improver Improver Improver Improver Improver Intermediate Intermediate Improver January 2013 November 2013 November 2011 August 2012 July 2014 December 2012 April 2014 January 2011 November 2014 January 2011 July 2010 September 2013 March 2014 January 2017 April 2013 January 2015 April 2010 September 2012 April 2010 August 2011 June 2013 June 2013 January 2015 November 2013 June 2014 September 2010 April 2014 January 201216 Tons of No.9 Coal!

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