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A question has been lurking in the back of my mind ever since. " But rather "Why couldn't she just buy a husband? My answer / comment is sort of detailed but I'm working on it. Rich, Medium, or Poor, the bottom line in my mind is the Love, Respect and Appreciation. : D Some come into money from perseverance, some have family inheritance or wise personal investment. Apparently, many Chinese men want a young women for child production. I have been told by several Chinese women "That he who has the bucks calls the shots" I have seen this several times in my life that when a man married a woman much richer than he was, then he was treated as little more than as a servant at her every beck and call @ Anonymous 1366 Hey,... "marriage is very important to many foreigners do that for love",but for some chinese who got marry NOT for love, just for "have to" for example, i need marry at some stage. Do you really think 9/10 Chinese women would do the same as you in that situation?

" In other words, why are there rich single (available) Chinese women? @Debbie2014 Hey there Debbie, I don't think Anonymous 1366 is being stupid. I sense they don't see the value of women's life experience. I think you did good to follow "gut response" and avoid "fast track" marriage. I have three long term (30 years) male friends who (2) have married above their economic station and all unions have proven successful . or i should be mom or dad, im over 30 years old or another reasons. some women want to move another country through marriage as bridge but most of women for love, as u know,western men have very big nose and blue eyes & stong building can capture Chinese Lady attention. If you are not rich and she knew this but still wanted you..on man use your noggin!!! Your subconscious or "gut" is telling you something for a reason. Are you looking for your love or just someone to marry?

Some time ago, I was approached by a very wealthy Chinese woman. She was wealthy enough to make all my economic problems disappear overnight. She was very attractive and charming, but I felt something was not quite right. Peace, Gongji @ Anonymous1366 Hi, I have come up with an equation for you. Also, I'm sure you know, there is more to the equation. It is very interested question,thanks for sharing with. so it is very smart to STOP it but I have to say, she is not least, she likes u.

I trusted "my gut feeling" and broke off communications with her. Chinese economic boom "left over" intelligent women = surplus rich women in China. @ anonymous 1366, I can understand your situation and fear . Really, i totally agree "your gut feeling" it is very nice. rich is one thing, but it NOT mean she can help all foreigner in need ,she doesnt realize one important thing that eastern culture is very different from western culture. Cherry Why not marry a beautiful Chinese woman for money? I would have suggested that if you married her that you tell her you want to live in China.

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