About Pen: “Still reeling from a recent breakup and looking for a distraction, Paul starts corresponding with Rod, a pen pal in another state.

Meanwhile, Paul’s co-worker, Lee, is in the planning stages of her wedding.

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I did decide to go through with the pens in my pocket because I already brought the pens with me anyway. It was filmed almost two years ago so I have basically no memory of anything I said or did, but I do remember internally having a major identity crisis on film, both in the restaurant and in the predate interview, where I couldn't figure out whether or not I was a nerd or just somebody with a few nerd-like characteristics. By the time the chocolate fondue came I think I finally decided that whether or not I was a nerd, the whole “nerd movement” thing is not something that should be embraced, and is actually destroying the country.

This was all pre-Trump, so at the time it seemed like a much bigger deal. It airs Friday night at on NBC, but from the promotional clips that have been released all my friends say it is exactly what I am like so I guess in the end Ellen De Generes is going to get that authentic touch that she wanted.

Here are just a few amazingly talented queer spoken word artists; please join me in fawning over their talent.

According to Facebook, Dia Davina is a “feminist, queer, gender-fucky, consent-activist pumpkin pie maker extraordinaire,” loosely defined as your newest poetry crush.

Soon, what began as an innocent flirtation evolves into an emotional attachment that neither of them expected. Paul’s ex, Grayson, returns to try to win him back. Paul’s pen pal is a prisoner, incarcerated for 13 more years.” by Rogue Elephant Productions.

Co-conceived by Christopher Pazdernik and Jeff Bouthiette, music and lyrics by Jeff Bouthiette, with additional lyrics by Rebekah Walendzak. Book, music and lyrics by Michael Potsic, directed by Allison Hendrix.About Flight: “Based on the Greek myth “The Flight of Icarus,” Flight follows Daedalus, his wife Aeden and their son Icarus as they learn that to truly live and love comes with great risk.” by CPA Theatricals.Before going on the show I didn’t actually consider myself to be that nerdy, but that’s because I was comparing myself to 400lb.guys who dress up in drag as Harley Quinn for Comicon.It was actually because two of my favorite pasttimes are openly sobbing and feelings, which very much explains my affinity for getting lost in spoken word k-holes on Upworthy.