Hey, she likes ’em older and he likes ’em younger, as long as they’re happy.If folks are taking a bet on the next SM “dating scandal” to drop, I’m putting my money on Krystal of f(x) and of clean cut Suho of EXO. There’s a pause, then Victoria says something to Amber in Chinese that makes her burst out laughing.“You’re the third guy who’s offered to ‘tutor’ her,” Amber translates. There’s a similar sort of flutter in the pit of his stomach as he watches Victoria dance, hanging out in the doorway of the practice room just out of her line of sight. “Hey,” Victoria says, crouching beside her bag with her arms around her knees. There’s that new place that opened up behind the building. Her eyes dart away, as though she’s suddenly unsure of herself. Changmin sniffs and turns his nose up.“Victoria’s not that kind of girl,” he says.“Please, more like you’re not that kind of girl,” Yunho cackles. Play the protective older brother and defend your virtue? Well – there had been that one girlfriend who’d called him a prude. .“Stupid hyung,” Changmin mutters.“I heard that,” Yunho calls from the hall.“Stupid hyung,” Changmin repeats loudly and in his general direction. “Is that any way to talk to someone who landed you a date with the girl of your dreams? ”Yunho flops down on the couch with a long-suffering sigh. It’s an abrupt, oddly forward request from her, but Changmin’s brain jams the second she makes the offer so he doesn’t spend too long analysing it.

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; born February 2, 1987), better known as Victoria Song or Victoria, is a Chinese singer, dancer, actress and model based in South Korea and China.

She debuted in 2009 as a member of South Korean girl group f(x).

Yunho looks like he's struggling between the urge to laugh or whack them all."Yes I just met her, she's nice although her Korean is pretty weak, and I didn't really notice her boobs."This last statement is greeted with a chorus of disbelief, all three of them calling bullshit and whining for Yunho to spill until he tells them all to shut up and get back to work.- - -The new trainee is fucking gorgeous. Amber just barely contains a snort.“Changmin oppa, this is Song Qian,” she says. Changmin forgot to breathe about five minutes ago.“God, just man up and ask her out,” Yunho says from behind him. “Literally nobody has time for that.”He grabs Changmin’s shirt collar and starts dragging him into the room.“What are you doing? Since you’re completely useless on your own.”Yunho strolls into the practice room, Changmin trailing after him and trying not to look too pathetic. He misses, and Yunho ducks out of the room with a final laugh. Things aren’t really happening though, so ten minutes later they’re sitting on opposite sides of the bed, Victoria’s beet red face buried in her hands while Changmin silently laments the fact that he can turn on a stadium full of tens of thousands of fans but he can’t turn on his girlfriend.

"Nice."Kyuhyun doesn't get it.- - -Changmin sort of just really needs an excuse to talk to her, so when he spots her walking down the hallway with Amber he puts on his best smooth operator face and straightens.“’Sup,” he says, nodding at them in greeting. Music thumps through the room as she spins to some fusion of modern and Chinese traditional dance. By my calculations we should be on a casual just-friends-but-could-lead-to-more date in about 6 to 8 weeks.”Yunho looks at him like he’s crazy. Changmin flops down beside her and leans against the wall. Super quiet and discreet.”Changmin blinks at her, then leans forward. ”Changmin grabs a tissue box and throws it at his head. Changmin immediately puts his feet in his lap.“Victoria asked my permission to date you,” Yunho says.“What? He doesn’t even think he’s physically capable of denying her – which is how they find themselves in his bed not long after, a victorious trumpet line playing in Changmin’s head.

This news died off after a few months but has been resurrected with a vengeance this week by the online posting of a netizen who claimed to have found Choiza’s lost wallet and posted a picture of its contents which included two pictures of Sulli, one of which are those photo booth pictures that show Choiza and Sulli goofing around like a couple.

Choiza has confirmed it’s his wallet but still no response from SM whether it’s very young idol star is in fact dating a dude old enough to be her uncle."She just went home."They all crowd around him, eager for more information."You've already met her? Yunho needs to get his eyes checked or something, because describing Song Qian as 'nice' is like describing a tropical rainforest as green. She's chatting animatedly with Amber on the other side of the room, her long hair pulled back into a ponytail. “Or Victoria – that’s her stage name.”Victoria bows politely and Changmin nods in reply. Yunho turns the music off and Victoria spins around, annoyed at the sudden intrusion. Victoria’s eyes swivel up to him.“Changmin-sshi,” she breathes, straightening. Grumbling, Changmin retreats to the couch and sprawls across it with a manga in hand. He is managed under music labels SM Entertainment in South Korea and Rhythm Zone in Japan.When it comes to scandals, every K-pop fan is guilty of losing their senses at times.Shim Changmin (심창민, 沈昌珉; born February 18, 1988)[1] also known as Max (internationally), Choikang Changmin (최강창민, 最强昌珉) in South Korea, Changmin (チャンミン) in Japan, and Shén Chăngmín (沈昌珉) in China and Taiwan which is based on his name in Hanja form, is a Korean singer, songwriter and occasional actor...