Sixteen years ago, radical punk band Crass disappeared from public view.

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Three parties are covered and one concert including a fight between punks, rednecks and others.

I saw this movie for the first time tonight and I must admit, I wasn't expecting much but it left me almost crying in the end, and recommending it to all of my family and friends.

Crass needed little help with marketing, as they could, at their height, shift 20,000 singles in a week with no advertising and no airplay.

Combining shock value, humour and a distinctive graphic style, the band found it easy to get their message across.

It was overwhelming for both of us." It didn't help that the hormones Grace was taking dampened her sex drive and caused physical changes. "That discussion," she says, "didn't go well." Grace eventually found a stash of letters under the bed in their house in St.

Augustine, addressed to Heather in her maiden name.

Today, her panic has something to do with the stress of being in New York to plug two projects – a new album from her punk band, Against Me!

with a panic attack, which has not been uncommon since she came out as a trans woman – first drunkenly to a friend, then to her wife, Heather, then publicly in an article in this magazine four years ago – and began the process of physically transforming herself from a guy named Tom Gabel into the woman she knows herself to be.

But they found it much harder to stop their fans from seeing them as ideological leaders.

The Falklands war saw the band at their most politically active: they recorded an attack on Margaret Thatcher that was discussed in the Commons.

Opening next year, the show has been inspired by the album of the same name, recently announced by former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, in which the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra collaborated with opera singers to record punk tunes.