Cheat mode Go to the options menu, and select the "Cheats" option.

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The PS3's voice chat function is woven into the adhoc Party application, meaning that online PSP users can communicate with each other verbally rather than being limited to what little in-game text chat there was.

The sought-after downloadable application has been available to users of the Japanese Play Station network since November 2008, and some PSP users based outside of Japan - particularly fans of the Monster Hunter games - had created Japanese network accounts for themselves in order to access the advantages of international Adhoc play.

Sony Play Station's official North American and European websites announced on Friday afternoon that the socially oriented adhoc Party application, currently in use in Japan, will be made available for free download "soon".

Many industry commentators are interpreting that to coincide with a Play Station 3 firmware update expected later this month.

The handheld PSP console has long been able to offer multiplayer gaming to its users, either by using 'infrastructure' mode which makes connections over the internet via a wifi connection, or through physical proximity to other PSP users who will then link up their devices in 'adhoc' mode.

However, some games only make use of 'adhoc' multiplayer, meaning that friends who are separated by more than a few meters are unable to play together. When application is installed on the Play Station 3, it uses the PS3's network links to bridge the gap between players, meaning that popular titles such as and games in the the Monster Hunter series will suddenly have their online gaming communities increased dramatically.

In her long life, she's experienced a lot of human nature, and finds that "physical and mental anguish are especially exciting to explore." She enjoys drinking, which is ironic since the Followers at the Fort work to help addicts recover from drugs and alcohol.

Partly because the Followers won't allow her to drink, she finds her job at the Fort a bit dull.

Infinite Ammo Enter "ABUNDANCE IS EVERYWHERE" as a code phrase. Horse Enter "BEASTS AND MAN TOGETHER" as a code phrase to spawn a horse. Jack Attack Enter "OH MY SON, MY BLESSED SON" as a code phrase to change John into Jack, John's son. Enter "HUMILITY BEFORE THE LORD" as a code phrase to become a nobody.

Gun Set 1 Enter "IT'S MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT" as a code phrase to unlock some weapons. I NEED GUNS" as a code phrase to get the buffalo rifle, sawed-off shotgun, semi-auto pistol, Schofield revolver, Winchester repeater, and fire bottle x3. Infinite Horse Stamina Enter "MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES" as a code phrase. " as a code phrase to unlock the Treasure Hunter Outfit. Hic Enter "I'M DRUNK AS A SKUNK AND TWICE AS SMELLY" as a code phrase to become drunk.

Embark on an epic puzzle adventure alongside some of the galaxy’s most trusted companions – droids.