(Or, like most women you would LOVE to have a man to lean on, but you don’t like you do.) Mr. He may sleep with you or be your friend…but he won’t marry you. If you don’t leave room for a man to be your hero, and you don’t show that you know you’re worthy of him, he will leave before you can say “Why didn’t he call? It is a gift to allow someone to give to you.) Isn’t it funny?

Here are 13 signs of a needy man (and women) that you might want to watch out for — right from the beginning of the relationship.1.

He always misses you Even though this man is constantly around you, during those hours and days that you are apart, he floods you with messages about how he misses you, how he hates being apart, and how he can’t wait to see you next.

Neediness Pushes People Away: When the relationship is no longer in the “whirlwind romantic” stage, you may feel the need to cling too much in order to maintain what you had.

The irony is that as you push your concerns forward, you partner may just decide it is too much to deal with.

He’s all over your social networks After just a few dates he sent you friend requests on every social network that you’re a part of.

He’s liked all of your photos, posted photos of you to his page, and he’s even requested that you change your status and profile picture to include you.It’s normal to miss people you haven’t seen in a while, but a clingy man will seem to miss you every single hour of the day.Though nice at first, this can quickly become annoying.2.I drove her back home, exchanged numbers on the way, and she loved my songs playlist. I was not going to speak to my girlfriend for 48 hours. [Read: 15 subtle signs of an emotionally controlling boyfriend] She’s on my mind. I woke up in the morning and stretched out to a morning hard boy. When we’re told to avoid something, that’s the one thing we really want. Now, that’s chemistry for dummies, don’t you think? He does not want to be completely responsible for your happiness.