Urban dentists were over twice as likely as their rural and suburban colleagues to have been romantically involved with a patient.

Male dentists were more likely than female dentists to date patients.

When a patient seeks care from a physician, the patient trusts that the physician is a professional and as such will treat them in a professional manner.

To maintain trust, a physician must avoid making or responding to sexual advances.

Workplace friendships flow naturally into personal lives.

Families become friends through their work connection.

The dating or fraternization policy adopted by an organization reflects the culture of the organization.

Employee oriented, forward thinking workplaces recognize that one of the places that employees meet their eventual spouse or partner is at work.

I personally have never done it, but have seen it happen....i recall one time a male nurse dated a patients daughter...

The guidance, issued yesterday, tells doctors they cannot initiate ‘sexual’ or ‘improper’ relationships with current patients.

This is the only profession of which a member can ask a person to take their clothes off and find the request usually met with few questions and no resistance.’But Dr Tony Grewal, a senior GP who practises in West London, said the watchdog ‘should not limit the capacity of two consenting adults to explore a relationship’.

Speaking to Pulse at the time, Dr Grewal added: ‘An absolute ban on sexual relationships with patients or former patients is an unfair limitation on the right to pursue happiness for doctors and patients alike.

Under the Health Professions Procedural Code (HPPC) If sexual contact takes place after the physician-patient relationship has been ended and it is not considered sexual abuse under the legislation, the physician may still be found to have committed professional misconduct.