Hayden is a fan of neither Edward Snowden nor the film.“The movie made him out to be a hero,” the retired four-star U. Air Force general grumbled during a 20-minute flight to the Rockefeller family estate in Westchester. On one side was Kykuit, the famous country home; on another, an incongruous red barn, surrounded by livestock, and everywhere were sand traps for golf. “If you drink this, I’m not responsible,” she said. director had just met Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of the recent Oliver Stone film a sympathetic portrayal of the notorious leaker of classified information. Approaching by air revealed the patchwork of timeworn mansions and follies that make up the Rockefeller estate. empire; Verizon Wireless president Ronan Dunne; and restaurateur Eugene Remm. Also: Rent the Runway co-founder, Jennifer Fleiss; Fubu founder Daymond John; producer Marci Klein (daughter of Calvin); Barclays Vice Chairman Tim Luke; Factory P. It’s been, ‘experience first, not young talent first,’ and I think today marked a public shift in that.”Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Fox News anchor, interrupted him with a tall glass from the bar.

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From pro athletes to pop stars and pastry chefs, we rounded up the area’s 12 most eligible bachelors. They both date glitzy — Birnbaum’s been linked to a string of Victoria’s Secret models, including Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr, and Remm dated actress Shannen Doherty. Cons: Too many nights in the Meatpacking District will have your head spinning.

These well-attended hot spots cater to everybody from A-listers such as Demi and Ashton, Gerard Butler and Kevin Spacey to lines full of B&T’ers.

But for now, the space where we're working out—much like the Rumble workout itself—is a work in progress.) The trainers are summoned down some dusty steps, past 20 pairs of boxing gloves, onto a gym floor, with grade-A speakers ready to make fat cells vibrate angrily with uplifting decibels.

There are a bunch of specialized punching bags filled with water, Remm explains, to lessen the shock on the joints.

The trainers, joined by some front desk personnel seeking a better sense of the workout, do stretches and as the group leader points them to different stations.

Left to right: Founder and Chairman of Kairos Society Ankur Jain, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Hayden and Jeanine Hayden arrive at Blade Lounge West for the Kairos Society global summit on April 20, 2017 in New York City. In the West Side Manhattan departure lounge of Blade, a private helicopter service, the former N. Hosting the event were Kairos Society partners Ankur Jain, 27, Alex Fiance, 28, and Ryan Bloomer, 31, three slender young men in slim-tailored jackets, radiating the facile confidence of Silicon Valley potentates. Inside one, the drowsy technocrats gossiped—one man explaining his lunar mining start-up, another recounting his disagreements with Steve Jobs over how to implement Siri. The estate’s Playhouse—a Gatsby-era pleasure dome with a wood-paneled ballroom, two-lane bowling alley, and indoor swimming pool—had been made over into a magical nerd prom for the evening. Outside the Playhouse, a fleet of white stretch limousine vans waited to return guests to Lower Manhattan, where the summit would start the next morning. The helicopter set down by a neglected pagoda and muddy koi pond, near a single cherry tree bursting in outrageous bloom.“Much more comfortable than a Black Hawk,” the general said, his mood lightening as the skids touched the lawn. “It’s a double, maybe a triple, tequila with some soda water.”“I’m not drinking that,” said Jain, taking a sip, and then another. Mark Silver; filmmaker Casey Neistat; former prime minister of Greece George Papandreou; one hot but very out-of-place, blond guy, whose presence suggested that someone was dating his personal trainer; journalist and creator Andrew Sorkin; Amazon C. Everyone not involved with online news publishing nodded, as if to say, nailed it. With Derek Jeter firmly linked to the gorgeous Minka Kelly, there is a vacancy for the city’s most eligible bachelor. There are plenty of local single men — it’s just a matter of knowing how to spot them. Last year, the company’s revenue was more than million. Party boys Remm and Birnbaum own some of the city’s hottest hangouts, including Abe & Arthur’s, SL and Tenjune, plus The Estate in Southampton.